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Who We Are

Wisconsin Dairy Products Assn. is the only Wisconsin trade association that represents all segments of the dairy industry.

Our processor member companies (both cooperative and proprietary) process fluid milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, yogurt, dried milk and dried whey, as well as market fluid milk, package cheese and distribute a wide variety of dairy products. Our associate members are companies which provide supplies and services to the dairy industry. WDPA members are responsible for 80% of the milk and dairy products marketed in Wisconsin.

WDPA's primary goal is to represent its members in the formation and adoption of rules and regulations pertaining to the dairy products industry. The association also provides educational opportunities for its members to improve their business operations. Wisconsin Dairy Products Assn. continually strives to improve the business climate for its members in order to assist them in achieving their profit goals.

What we do for the Dairy Industry

Because WDPA represents all segments of the dairy industry, our association addresses a wider variety of issues in our government relations program and through our educational seminars.

Wisconsin Dairy Products Association provides its members with strong and effective legislative and regulatory representation and has established a solid reputation for its leadership on a wide variety of Wisconsin dairy issues.

The professional and persuasive manner in which we perform our government relations program has earned the respect and admiration of legislators and regulatory personnel.

Wisconsin Dairy Products Assn. has been extremely successful in attaining legislation and regulatory rules which benefit our member companies. Over the years, WDPA lobbying efforts have saved our members hundreds of thousands of dollars in their dairy operations.

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