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Board of Directors


 President             Stacy Wand

                              Prairie Farms Dairy


Vice President      Open        


Treasurer              Joe Miller

                               Foremost Farms USA

Jeremy Nickelotti

                              Kwik Trip




Gary Bachand - Marathon Cheese

Tyler Banks - AMPI

Kevin Beauchamp - Galloway Company

Bob Beranek - Ecolab

Paul Hughes - Land O Lakes

Ken Kohlwey - Cedar Crest Specialties

Pete Kondrup - Westby Creamery Co Op

Ron Kremer - Kerry

Shawn Marcom - Hydrite

Andy Pfister - Masters Gallery Foods

Mike Rindy - Nelson-Jameson

Dave Robbins - DFA Dairy Brands

Greg Scheer - T.C. Jacoby & Company

Bill Stewart - Century Foods Int'l

Trevor Wuethrich - Grassland Dairy Products

Renee Yahnke - Schreiber Foods

Keith Zuehkle - Kemps LLC

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