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WDPA is an extremely active organization in Wisconsin's dairy industry. The sole purpose of our organization is to serve our members by representing them in the legislative and regulatory arenas. We are continually fighting to eliminate costly and burdensome regulations while at the same time promoting the adoption of rules which benefit our members.

Our processor member companies (both cooperative and proprietary) process fluid milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, yogurt, dried milk and dried whey, as well as market fluid milk, package cheese and distribute a wide variety of dairy products. WDPA processor members are responsible for approximately 70% of the milk and dairy products marketed in Wisconsin.


Beneifts of Processor Membership​:


  • WDPA saves you money.
    WDPA's efforts result in greater savings for our members. Every day WDPA maintains constant vigilance of the regulatory and legislative arenas and tirelessly fights to protect and promote your best interests. WDPA has saved our members hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating expenses by promoting cost-saving ideas and defeating expensive and burdensome regulations.


  • WDPA represents you better.
    Unlike other organizations that may only represent certain segments, WDPA represents the entire dairy industry. Due to this comprehensive coverage, WDPA addresses a wider range of issues and concerns, thus providing better representation for our members.


  • WDPA saves you time.
    WDPA monitors all legislative bills and regulatory rules, attends hearings, meets with legislators and regulatory officials and reports the pertinent information to our members. By relying on WDPA's government affairs expertise, individual companies can expend their resources and time on activities that will improve their profits.


  • WDPA Offers Great Seminars and Special Events.  WDPA sponsors the annual World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest (the only all-judging contest in North America), summer golf outing and Dairy Symposium. These social and educational events provide opportunities for fun and friendly camaraderie. 




Our associate members are companies which provide supplies and services to the dairy industry.


Benefits of Associate Membership:


  • WDPA represents some of the largest and most successful dairy companies in the United States - companies like Kraft, Dean Foods, Land O'Lakes, Foremost Farms USA, Schreiber Foods, Grassland Dairy, AMPI, Swiss Valley, Kemps, Marathon Cheese and many more. These processor companies are all actively involved in WDPA, thereby providing potential business opportunities for your company.


  • A greater percentage of processor members than associate members attend WDPA meetings and special events. For example, up to 60% of the attendees at the WDPA Dairy Symposium are processor members. Over 50% of the golfers at the summer WDPA golf outing are processors. What does that mean to you? It's a gold mine of opportunities to meet with the key personnel of these dairy companies in relaxed and informal settings. 


  • Associate/supplier members also have enhanced their sales potential by serving on the WDPA board of directors, or various committees, alongside our processor members.  What a great opportunity to cultivate business leads.


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